Appropriate Audio Visual &
Video Conferencing Solutions

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Interactive Touch Display


Interactive Touch Display

Conference Room Audio Visual Installation

Conference Room
Audio Visual Installation

Integrate your meeting room with customer-appreciated complete-line of video conferencing and audio visual facilities.

Video Conferencing Collaboration

Video Conferencing Collaboration

Extend open standards-based video, voice, and content sharing solutions in unified communication and seamless audio visual integration.

LED Display Wall

Wall Security Protection

Protect against intruders who attempt to climb over different types of wall.

LED Display Wall

Smart Home Automation

Bring you a more personalized, quality lifestyle with customized home solutions.

LED Display Wall

LED Display Wall

Give you ultimate visual experience in indoor and outdoor environments with promising confidence.

AV Demostration

AV Demonstration

Visit UAT Unified Communication Center for the latest demonstration of video conferencing and audio visual integration.

Providing with the Best

Corporate Social Responsibility

Incorporate values of sustainability and corporate social responsibility along all business activities.