Caring SME Alliance

Caring SME Alliance

Build a cohesive, harmonious, and sustainable society in joining hands with SMEs and stakeholders.

SMEs and the Society

There are about 320,000 small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in Hong Kong. They constitute over 98% of Hong Kong business establishments and employ about 50% of our workforce in the private sector. In the Caring Company Scheme, nearly half of the awarded companies/organizations are SMEs, more support should be rendered to SMEs for active participation in community investment with their huge involvement in community investment; their contribution to the society cannot be neglected.

Caring SME Alliance

Under the initiative of the Hong Kong Council of Social Service (HKCSS), the Caring SME Alliance (The Alliance) was formed in March 2015 to unite SMEs with outstanding performance in corporate citizenship and to attract more SMEs to commit in corporate social responsibility (CSR) through the network.

Being the members of Caring SME Alliance, you will enjoy:

  • Updated CSR news, market information, and promotion
  • Special offer to join Employee Assistance Program
  • Networking through participation of CSR and voluntary activities

Founding Members

The HKCSS has appointed seven SMEs which have actively participated in CSR activities and joined the Caring Company Scheme for nearly 10 years. Since its founding, UAT has been dedicated to the sustainability development, we are glad to be one of the founding members together with:

  • Limited
  • Bamboos Professional Nursing Services Limited
  • Carthy Limited
  • Magic Clean Environmental Services Limited
  • Meiriki Japan Company Limited
  • Richform Holdings Limited
  • Ultra Active Technology Limited

Cricket Family Fun cum Caring SME Alliance Kick-off Day

UAT, together with 6 Founding Members of Caring SME Alliance participated in the Cricket Family Fun cum Caring SME Alliance Kick-off Day organized by HKSKH Lady Maclehose Centre, and co-organized by Caring SME Alliance and the HKCSS, joining hands for social participation and corporate volunteerism.

Employee Assistance Program

The Employee Assistance Program is launched by the HKCSS and Caring SME Alliance and organized by the Vital Employee Service Consultancy under the Christian Family Service Centre.

The program is to assist employees and management to deal with the difficulties and problems encountered in their work, interpersonal relationship, personal growth, and family issues through counseling hotline, face-to-face counseling, health talks, training activities and other professional support services. Designed and provided by professional social workers with rich experience in counseling, the service concept is based on caring family and social health.

Up to now, more than 150 companies, including banks, hotels, construction companies, retailers, catering groups, property management companies, universities, government departments, and public organizations, have introduced Employee Assistance Program as a measure of employee caring.

SMEs can enjoy the special offer in joining the Employee Assistance Program to:

  • Enhance employees' work efficiency and quality of life which in turn boosting the productivity
  • Implement the CSR to care for the community and employees while providing an opportunity for employees to enjoy the welfare and activity of corporates and building up the self-belonging sense to the company