Intrusion detection security solution from Israel protects you with close to zero-false alarm, blending into any design and environment.


We offer the world's most reliable D-Fence Intrusion Detection Security System from Israel, a country which demands the highest standard of security. This 'close to zero-false alarm' intrusion detection security system has been widely deployed for the protection of villas, houses, buildings as well as critical infrastructures around the globe – with noticeable references including the Israel and South Korea International Airports.

Now you can also install such a reliable security system to your properties:

• Residential - villas, houses, apartments
• Commercial - office buildings, banks, vaults, factories, shopping malls, hotels, resorts
• Critical Infrastructures - airports, prisons, hospitals, schools, museums

This unique and state-of-the-art D-Fence security system can blend into any architectural design and environment (wall, fence, floor, stair or glass) seamlessly, and can be completely invisible.

Many house owners, interior designers, property developers, and security consultants have appointed us to tailor-make an effective but user-friendly security solution, integrating D-Fence (Intrusion Detection Security); CCTV (Surveillance); Security Control Room and/or Smart Phone (Alarm & Monitoring); Operational Plan (Response) to guard and protect their personal, property, and asset safety.


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