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Solution News
Posted 2017-06-16
Smart City Vending
Retailers welcome Smart City Vending, a new level of 24-hour retailing, providing flexibility and convenience for both retailers and consumers through Intelligent Vending Machine.

Intelligent Vending Machine features instant-remote sales and stock management through mobile-to-machine application, retailers can check, update, and adjust sales and stock status with just one slight touch anytime, anywhere. Cashless payment authorized by Octopus, TNG, Alipay, and WeChat Pay gives rise to accurate 24-hour revenue.

The full HD interactive touch display provides synchronization of advertising and selling. Once consumers have selected a product, more information like product details and corresponding promotional video will be shown for a more engaged, integrated buying process.

Advboom provides flexible vending options and you can choose to purchase, rent or even modify your existing machines. You immediately enjoy all the benefits the smart vending machines will bring to you and your organisation. Our smart vending machines are equipped with award winning built-in control board being the 2nd Runner Up in the Smart City Competition organized by the Hong Kong Institution of Engineers in April 2017.

Smart City Vending gives a big boost to consumption. Retailers can extend the retailing hours and locations without pains on rent and manpower. Integrate Smart City Vending with your sales and marketing plan together with Advboom.

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