Solution News

Solution News
Posted 2017-12-27
Mobile Digital Signage
Digital signage is now widely used in corporate communication, advertising, and information release of corporate, banking, hospitality, education, and retail, impressively delivering multimedia message to target audience. UAT provides a flexible, efficient, and cost effective solution for corporate communication, advertising, and information release.

Our mobile digital signage solution features with advanced infrastructure which allows direct content input from server to player through Wi-Fi or wired LAN. Content distribution including text, image, animation, audio, video, live streaming, and RSS feeds can be managed from application running on a PC.

Featured with smart media stand, the signage can run on either battery, AC supply or both. Designed for easy movement, wheels are available to facilitate moving on flat surface. The stand can be customized for different display screen size from 21.5 to 32 inch in portrait or landscape orientation to meet different operation needs.

Inspired from traditional media, UAT mobile digital signage takes advantage of the cloud technology for unified content communication through this easy-to-use, efficient, and complete solution.

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