Solution News

Solution News
Posted 2017-02-07
Cyber Safety strengthens Integrated Security Detection
Integrated security systems on the network raise the challenges of cyber-attacks, national security, and public safety. UAT introduces D-Cybersafe, a cyber security solution with full control and customizable networking capabilities for securing and hardening your sites and installations.

Physical security systems commonly using TCP/IP and network technology expose the site to combined cyber and physical attacks including video streams from surveillance cameras, hacking to access control systems, blinded perimeter security sensors, and damaged power supply and controllers.

D-Cybersafe from Israel is a built-in cyber security switch specifically designed for physical security and safe-city applications in tough environments, featuring intelligent endpoint monitoring, traffic inspection software engines, high power PoE support, and flexible installation and port allocation options to enhance your infrastructure safety even with increasing security devices.

Defeating a broad range of physical and logical threats, D-Cybersafe allows you to:

  • Detect and identify every element and endpoint in the network
  • Alert or block any attempt to connect an unauthorized device to the secured network
  • Inspect the incoming and outgoing traffic
  • Detect cyber-attacks
  • Report and take automatic action to restore the continuous operation of the network

Heighten your security infrastructure safety with D-Cypersafe. Visit UAT to experience the comprehensive intrusion detection system now.

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