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Solution News
Posted 2017-05-29
Advboom Intelligent Vending Machine
Promoting the round the clock sales, Advboom, a member of UAT Group, brings the newest intelligent vending machine featuring remote sales and stock management, cashless payment, and multimedia product promotion.

Instant sales and stock management is benefited from the smartphone application connecting the intelligent vending machine. Now, merchants can simply update sales status and adjust sales strategies including price, promotion, and advertisement in real time with one slight touch. Stock list and out of stock notification support stock filling and changing, effectively eliminate manpower and transportation costs to check stock among traditional vending machines weekly.

Thanks to the payment authorization of Octopus, TNG, Alipay, and WeChat Pay, merchants can enjoy the benefits of accurate 24/7 revenue as well as offer incentive services including service payment, booking, and dispatching samples. Most importantly, cashless payment can avoid theft and coin changing effortlessly.

Round the clock sales function is engineered with the build-in industrial computer awarded as the 2nd Runner Up in the Smart City Competition by Hong Kong Institution of Engineers in April 2017.

Advboom intelligent vending machine allows flexible operation methods for merchants. Learn more about the multi-platform advertising solution with Advboom.

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