Solution News

Solution News
Posted 2016-02-04
Workplace Group Collaboration
The traditional office is giving way to more open, more shared and more cost-effective combinations from any location with anyone, anywhere. In the modern workplace, our group collaboration solution delivers a reliable, intuitive, innovative, high quality, and seamless experience – superior audio, video, and content.

The group collaboration solution embraces the transformation of the iconic three-point conference phone into a voice, video, and content sharing system, incorporating Polycom HD Voice and the patented Polycom NoiseBlock technologies for best audio experience. Add the 1080p30 USB camera to enjoy real-time video and HD content sharing.

Designed in simplicity, the conference phone is sleek and sophisticated with 5-inch color touch screen, intuitive navigation, and wired or wireless pairing with your portable devices simply via Bluetooth or USB—resulting in fewer mistakes, quick starts for every meeting and minimal training requirement.

Nowadays, productivity and collaboration no longer depend on a shared physical location. Our group collaboration solution fits into any team environment, enabling you connect, share, and collaborate naturally on any device, anywhere in the world.

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