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Solution News
Posted 2016-07-20
Wireless Conference
A neat, tidy room environment is essential to conferencing efficiency. Wireless conference creates a pleasant workplace for modern, productive team collaboration. UAT carefully designs the wireless state-of-the-art technology to flexibly adapt to different situations, ensuring smooth functionality without compromising aesthetics.

Designed for complete room coverage, ceiling microphone enables full 360-degree audio pick-up, increasing the flexibility of room use by putting electronics in the ceiling instead of the floor or tabletop. You are able to free up the table space and maintain superior audio performance.

Wireless presentation uses the established network for any visitors or guests to wirelessly present from their laptops, tablets, and smartphones to a display. Users are able to interact and share WiFi documents through the App, creating a more engaging, collaborative presentation environment.

Collectively, conferencing facilities including video and audio conferencing, projector, video wall, display, DVD player, lift, lighting, and curtain are centrally managed through the tailor-programmed central control system, a simple and easy-to-use touch panel which aligns with the graphical room floor and facility interface without having to locate various facilities individually.

Wireless conference provides ease connection to content and facilities, but not at the expense of cables running along. Visit UAT Demonstration Centre to experience the innovative wireless conference now.

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