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Solution News
Posted 2016-04-18
Surround Loudspeaker
Surround loudspeaker is optimized for auditoriums and other surround applications like theatres and cinemas, delivering full intensity of immersive audio to every listener naturally.

Designed to complement screen channel loudspeakers, the surround loudspeaker maintains the wide frequency range, consistent fidelity, and precise clarity during the most demanding of digital soundtracks. Surround loudspeakers mounted on walls or ceilings can be adjusted for any surround application or immersive audio requirement.

The surround loudspeakers are available in various size, weight, driver size, and power to accommodate different venues and applications. Some models receiving external DC power and balanced audio eliminate the need for AC conduits while preserving the advantages of self-powered systems.

To achieve the best audio quality, UAT conducted internal testing and tuning together with the audio partner accompanying professional audio testing machine before onsite installation. Many universities are using UAT as their audio visual contractor to deploy sophisticated audio solution for auditorium and theatres.

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