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Solution News
Posted 2016-12-07
Smart Security Integration for Hotels and Resorts
Hotel and resort safety is a unique security challenge as security is not a 'one size fits all' industry, while hotels require a high level of care about guest comfort and safety. Smart security integration of intrusion detection security system simplifies the steps to protect people, property, and asset safety.

Intrusion detection security system detects intruders with physical barriers like wire, corative, glass, strip, gate and even complete-invisible detective floor and stair, which are close to zero-false alarm. This reliable security system adopting pressure sensing technology blends into any architectural design and environment. Alarm will be activated and triggered immediately when intruders try to climb over or apply pressure on the pressure sensing barriers.

In case of intrusion, video surveillance security system plays an important role in intrusion protection. Designed to maintain daily routines and intrusion detection, the system will be triggered and provide instant video auto pop-up and play back at the detection area, notifying security officers and guards to react according to the incident handling procedures.

Video wall in the security control room enables real-time monitoring with confidence. When intrusion occurs, the security system will automatically push signal transmission to the monitoring video wall and mobile devices with smart video pop-up and playback. Local alarm of the public address system can be activated in order to warn off intruders.

Intrusion detection security solution is essential to hotel and resort security, providing a reliable detection and protection in both indoor and outdoor environments. UAT provides smart security integration solution in system design and project management with comprehensive audio visual and security technologies.

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