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Solution News
Posted 2016-03-18
Room Acoustics
Professional room acoustic control gives rise to improved productivity and well-being of people. UAT provides comprehensive sound reinforcement, tuning, and control for rooms of all sizes, including boardrooms, meeting rooms, training rooms, auditoriums, and theatre halls.

Leveraging feedback elimination and noise cancellation technologies, Polycom SoundStructure employs a matrix mixer between multi-zone audio systems for clear, optimum sound reinforcement. To ensure proper sound intelligibility, loudness, and stability, UAT's endeavors in echo cancellation, noise reduction, and microphone mixing allow meeting participants to focus on the conversation without distraction.

Integration with industry standard microphones offers legendary sound quality and reliability. We provide a wide range of ceiling, table, handheld, wireless, gooseneck, button, and clip microphones. SoundStructure features a gain sharing automixer for consistent microphone pickup and flexible equalization, dynamics, and cross-over processing even across complex operating environments.

Acoustic ceiling and wall reduce distributing background noise. They are completely harmless as regards building biology with ideal sound absorption values and sustainable materials. For a pleasant, positive room ambience it is not only important what we hear, but in particular what we feel.

It's glad to know that the fine acoustic tuning and control are here to tailor for your room environment. Experience a higher level of acoustic quality and comfort.

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