Solution News

Solution News
Posted 2016-05-10
Property Security Detection and Monitoring
Property security detection and monitoring solution protects people, properties, and assets with security wall protection, providing a secure, invisible, and cost-effective electronic security solution to property developers, architects, and interior designers.

The solution is built with the strain gauge system to deter intruders attempting to climb concrete or wooden walls, metallic, wooden and plastic fences, and gates. Zero false alarms are ensured by its resistance to interference from weather, animals, plants, RF transmission, and environmental factors.

In case of an alarm, the main computerized control center gathers, analyzes, and reports field data in real-time to all relevant organization entities. Designed to manage both daily routines and crisis situations, the system provides decision makers the data they need to make prompt, informed decisions.

UAT integrates the security detection system with your existing or new audio visual and security facilities including video surveillance, CCTV, lights, speakers, and sirens in the monitoring area and control room, contributing to the higher quality of image resolution and crystal-clear sound and cost-effectiveness in expanding the comprehensive electronic security facilities.

The solution is suitable to a wide range of properties like residential premises, and government and commercial facilities. UAT is dedicated to combining advanced audio visual and security technology with professional security specialists in building and room security design with risk assessment, risk mitigating, crime prevention, and project management.

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