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Solution News
Posted 2016-08-08
Marvelous Security System for Admirable House
Security for properties, people, and assets has increasingly aroused awareness nowadays. UAT introduces D-Fence detection system for a comprehensive security solution with zero-false alarm and minimum maintenance which can be seamlessly integrated into modern interior and architecture design.

We provide you with the world most reliable D-Fence detection system from Israel and the D-Fence security system has been deployed by the Israel airport, Mexico airport and Korean airport. Now you can also have this world-class security system in your property:

  • Villas, perimeters, houses, hotels and resorts
  • Buildings, banks, factories, exhibitions, and shopping malls
  • Airports, prisons, hospitals, schools, and museums

Various architects, interior designers, property developers, property management companies, and security specialists have appointed us to deploy Building and Room Security Design solutions for their existing and constructing premises. This zero-false alarm system is completely invisible, for example, using the system to complement or replace the barbed wire.

Living in an admirable house, you need a unique and marvelous security solution.

UAT and security solution specialists are pleased to serve and provide you the customized plan to suit your needs regarding design, layout, practice, and more.

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