Solution News

Solution News
Posted 2016-06-15
LED Wall for Meeting Room
Evolution of LED wall with advancements in narrow pixel pitches and cost effectiveness contributes its application from outdoor to indoor environments. Introduction of LED wall to meeting room enhance the flexibility and visual comfort through customization and brightness optimization.

Designed for 4K true-to-life visual experience, our LED walls brings HD 720P, 1080P, and 3080P dramatic visuals with high contrast, adjustable brightness, sharpness, and color calibration to accommodate the specific lighting in various meeting activities.

LED broadcast image processing technology features 10-bit fast response time with point-to-point and pixel-to-pixel information rendering in 3800Hz high speed refresh rate without image dithering.

Installation is ease with ultra-slim and light aluminum alloy materials. You are free to choose from hanging, movable or against the wall installation. Fan-less heat dissipation and low power consumption ensure silent 24/7 operation. Available for receiving digital broadcast IPTV and rich multimedia content including HDMI, VGA, RF, USB and more.

Our LED wall solution delivers you brilliant visual and natural audio experience with utmost reliability and quality, suitable to meeting room and other indoor applications including control room, retail store, theatre hall, and auditorium.

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