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Solution News
Posted 2016-08-04
Laser Projector
Laser projectors combine image brightness and long lifetime ownership without lamp replacement. They are ideal for a wide range of environments from classrooms and boardrooms to auditoriums and visitor attractions, ensuring your audiences enjoy bright, natural, and vivid images.

Laser projectors commonly offer 5,000 to 7,000 lumens brightness for exceptionally high contrast pictures with excellent colour accuracy and stability. Zoom, throw, and lens shift adjustments allow flexibility in free-angle installation like close to ceilings, near the screen, and even horizontally offset. Advanced edge blending integrates images from multiple projectors, simplifying the creation of large displays.

Unlike conventional lamp projectors, laser projectors can be turned on and off immediately to save more presentation time. The laser light source runs up to 20,000 hours operation for almost ten years in normal use, keeping the projector in peak operating condition while reducing maintenance and ownership costs.

With stunning picture quality, low running costs, and long lasting operation, laser projectors have gained increasing popularity in a wide spectrum of applications including boardrooms, lecture theatres, retail stores, and visitor attractions.

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