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Solution News
Posted 2016-11-11
Home Security Protection
Home security protection has aroused the awareness with 6.7 burglary cases on average daily in Hong Kong, according to police statistics. Latest technologies of intrusion detection security bring the reliability and effectiveness to protect people, property, and asset safety.

False alarm is one of the cruxes in adopting traditional security systems. Commonly uses devices like infrared beam sensors and dual-tech motion detectors have high false alarm rate, while other devices like vibration, night vision, and motion detection sensors are complicated to install. All these may deter you from installing a home security system - and that's just what the intruders wants.

Considering trustworthy, performance, and ease of use, UAT introduces D-Fence Intrusion Detection Security from Israel which utilizes the pressure sensing technology in triggering human intruders to a specific weight, such as 25kg, effectively eliminates false alarm caused by weather, animals, plants, RF transmission, and environmental factors.

Some home owners may not want functionality at the expense of aesthetics. Our intrusion detection security system can blend into any architectural design and environment (wall, fence, floor, stair or glass) seamlessly, and can be completely invisible with minimum maintenance.

To keep homes safe, you need a reliable, integrated security system for your premises. Before tailoring the home security plan, our security consultants would conduct a security risk assessment based on your home architectural design, look at access points, the neighboring area, and existing security systems, and then recommend measures to improve security. These measures deter, disrupt, and mitigate potential threats.

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