Solution News

Solution News
Posted 2016-02-04
D-Fence Pressure Strip
Pressure strip is a wall security protection device developed to protect people, properties, and assets against intruders who attempt to climb over different types of wall, providing an overall cost-effective electronic security solution with minimum system maintenance and high integration capabilities.

The system is built from a strip that contains a microswitch system to fit the top of the physical wall. If any pressure is applied on the strip by stepping on it or even leaning a ladder, an alarm will be alerted. Its resistance to interference from weather, animals, plants, RF transmission, and environmental factors ensures minimum false alarms.

Integrated with all types of fence and wall such as block, metal, wood, plastic, and glass, pressure strip is widely applied in private residential properties, commercial and government buildings, industrial plants, airports and seaports, military infrastructure, and prisons and combatable with existing or new audio visual and security facilities such as video surveillance, CCTV, lights, speakers, and sirens.

UAT is dedicated to combining advanced audio visual and security technology with professional security specialists possessing vast experience in commercial crime, technology crime, technical support, criminal investigation, intelligence and surveillance, VIP protection, and crime prevention, providing tailored solutions to properties and individuals.

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