Solution News

Solution News
Posted 2016-04-14
Combined Room Conferencing
Flexibility and multi-functionally are essential to combined rooms in various shapes and sizes. UAT possesses vast experience in handling audio-video signal routing, audio tuning, and room control to ensure the best performance of combined-divisible rooms.

Matrix switches route multiple source signals to multiple destinations and task processing. When two or more rooms are combined, the audio feed will consist of the sum of individual outputs from each room. For instance, conferences are bringing in multiple presentation sources to various display screens.

To perform acoustic tuning, proper handling of audio system intelligibility, loudness, and stability according to physical room attributes are found essential. Designed for complete room coverage, ceiling microphone enables full 360-degree audio pick-up and gives focus to the active speaker without physical intervention. Our microphones can be integrated with central acoustic control for feedback cancellation, noise reduction, and microphone mixing even across complex operating environments.

Collectively, conferencing facilities are controlled through the tailor-programmed central control system, a simple and easy-to-use touch panel which aligns with the graphical room floor and facility interface without having to locate single equipment.

Boardrooms, hotels, convention centers, and lecture theaters require flexible conferencing facilities. UAT is experienced in integrating combination of rooms using a centrally sourced, with comprehensive, high-fidelity solution.

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