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Solution News
Posted 2015-03-09
Sharp 60-inch PN-L602B Touchscreen LCD Monitor
Sharp PN-L602B, a highly intuitive 60-inch touchscreen LCD monitor, makes conventional presentation tools look out of touch with the communication needs of business and education. Whether installed in a boardroom, classroom, showroom or exhibition hall, PN-L602B delivers your message with greater impact.

Designed for crisp, clear HD images, PN-L602B employs full HD 1080p resolution and UV2A photo alignment technology for vivid, true-to-life details together with highly efficient backlighting. Full array LED backlight provides easy readability and reliable performance with low power consumption. Picture-in-Picture (PIP) and Mirror Display Mode (Daisy Chain) modes enable flexible split-screen viewing and visual repetition.

The bundled Sharp Pen Software allows smooth and easy operation. Once documents have been imported, users can directly write and draw on the screen surface and enlarge, rotate, and reposition screen images using the bundled touch pen or a finger. And after meetings, whiteboard notes saved on the PC as PDF documents can be e-mailed or printed with ease to users.

With the high impact and ease of touchscreen interaction, Sharp has made PN-L602B the ideal tool for meetings, video conferencing, presentations, corporate training, classroom lessons, and other applications where communication is key. Demonstration of PN-L602 and comprehensive conferencing facilities are now available at UAT Mock-up Demonstration Centre.

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