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Solution News
Posted 2015-02-03
Interactive Wireless Presentation
Interactive wireless presentation is an advanced mobile application allowing up to 64 users to seamlessly connect their own mobile devices to a display or projector, creating a more engaging, collaborative presentation environment.

Engineered for superior image quality, the wireless presentation system projects in full HD 1080p images and scales a fixed resolution output to maintain image integrity regardless of internal video resolution. Special features including wireless Touch Screen Integration and 4-to-1 Quadrant Screen Projection allow 4 users to simultaneously present on one display and other audience to view the image while saving them for note taking.

The wireless presentation system uses the established network for any visitors or guests to wirelessly present from their laptops, tablets, and smartphones to a display. The use of industry standard 64/128 bit encryption such as WPA2, WPA, and WEP makes it a secure connection to existing network.

Mobile connection is as simple as opening a webpage using SSID and encryption key. Now, users are able to interact and share WiFi documents through the App downloaded from the apps webpage, App store, or Google play, starting the interactive presentation with just a slight touch.

No matter what kind of device you connect to the projector or display, our interactive wireless presentation solution is ready for your ease of use and affordable choice.

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