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Solution News
Posted 2015-06-02
Digital Signage Software
Digital Signage Software is an efficient tool to update and target your digital signage message, enabling editing, scheduling, distribution, and display management with ease.

The software creates digital signage with customizable layouts and content to virtually meet any design requirement. It permits horizontal, vertical and even multiple frames on one screen. Users can easily add still images, full-motion video, HTML, Adobe Flash files, and Microsoft PowerPoint presentations with simple drag and drop.

Several smart digital signage software versions are available to match your business needs. Scheduled programs can be delivered and displayed at a designated time on a single LCD monitor or to multiple screens. You can create true-to-life images with a wide array of special effects including wiping, blow-up, slide-in, slide-out, rotary wiping, and more.

Through drag-and-drop operation, you can specify the time and date at which programs are to be displayed. Programs and schedules can be centrally stored, managed, and distributed on a web server database, accessible by up to 50 remote PCs hosted on your network. In the event of an emergency, it is possible to distribute and display emergency news flashes and scrolling messages.

Our Digital Signage Software provides quick and easy information display management for marketing content, eliminating the costs in creating posters, billboards, and printing.

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