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Solution News
Posted 2014-10-24
Modern Home Automation
Modern home automation refers to the use of smart technologies to control household activities and electronic appliances. In recent years, its popularity has been greatly increasing with much higher affordability and simplicity through smartphone and tablet connectivity, improving your quality of live with convenience, comfort, energy efficiency, and security.

Home automation system enables the centralized access and control of various lighting, audio visual, multimedia entertainment, security, door lock and, temperature (heating and air conditioning) through a single smart device, simply by pressing a button. It can enhance the living quality of the elderly and disabled who require caregivers or institutional care.

Our customized configuration is tailored to your requirement in varying degrees of intelligence for different zones and home appliances. No matter you are inside or outside your home environment, you can now master a range of household activities with a simple interface anytime, anywhere. Household power consumption data across multiple zones and appliances can be monitored for your ease power-saving measures.

Today, modern home automation is innovating to bring you a more personalized, quality lifestyle after a long day's work. So we invite you to come exploring your vision of a dream house into reality!

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