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Solution News
Posted 2014-07-07
Mobile Broadcast
Mobile broadcast enables multimedia broadcasting on the go. In an office building, it seamlessly integrates with audio and video facilities, delivering real-time, impactful communication in announcements, speeches, and events.

Camcorder and microphone are two vitals of mobile broadcasting. AVCHD, Exmor, and global positioning system (GPS) technologies allow long duration video footage with low noise. Brilliant image and video at high zooming ratio are achieved by optimizing the sophisticated lens to advanced image sensor and image processing technology. During mobile shooting, the image stabilization system is firm enough to reduce handheld camera shake. Should you require steady camera and sleek pan and tilt, our tripod with a remote control is ready to capture smooth zoom shots.

In delivering the utmost audio quality and reliability, UAT recommends suitable audio equipment for various environments with fine audio tuning. Our microphones are in professional grade and industry standard, sending natural audio source to loudspeakers and voice recording systems even in room-to-room and floor-to-floor atmospheres, without headache on feedback, noise, and distortion.

UAT is dedicated to your best conferencing performance and efficiency, whether in boardrooms, meeting rooms, training rooms, auditoriums, and mobile occasions. Conferencing and broadcasting are evolved in dynamic business activities. UAT is here to tailor an appropriate solution for you.

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