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Solution News
Posted 2014-12-15
Immersive Telepresence
Innovation in telepresence with dual camera and Image Improvement Processor (IIP) improves the experience of video conferencing systems in conference room with regular furniture.

The Image Improvement Processor (IIP) sits between the specially-designed camera and the videoconferencing codec on wire-speed FPGA and geometry warping chips. This improves the scene from two separate cameras each capturing half of the room before sending it to the videoconferencing codec for compression.

The telepresence enables effective multi-point. For instance, with 3 telepresence locations with dual 65-inch displays using 8 seat tables, you can 'Crop & Stack' and show up to 16 participants in two rows across both displays. Using 12 seat tables and 80-inch displays, the total rises to 24 participants.

The farthest participants are brought up close and personal, increasing the pixel count on their faces by 6.5Xs that of a PTZ camera while optimizing their size to the closest participant. The resulting user experience is incrementally better than that of three screen multi-codec room systems for a fraction of the cost.

Our telepresence dramatically improves the scene for impactful telepresence experiences using your existing videoconferencing codec in any standard conferencing room. Now, turn any video conferencing endpoint into an immersive environment.

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