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Solution News
Posted 2014-10-16
High Definition Camera
High definition camera is widely used in video conferences, providing fluent image quality with the fastest speed and high performance in low illumination situations, particularly suitable for video conferencing with flexible lighting.

The HD camera reaches 1920x1080 resolutions, 60/50f/s output frame frequency, and 20x optical and 16x digital zooms, achieving today's demand of high picture fluency. It also provides perfect image quality in low illumination environment.

Applying 2D and 3D digital noise reduction algorithm based on motion estimation, this new generation of noise sensors effectively reduces the noise occurred. The signal-to-noise function automatically affects the image compression code efficiency between HD video conference television terminals.

Designed to the human eye model with strong sense of hierarchy, the special IRIDIX exposure dynamic control algorithm utilizes the industry's most advanced 1/2.7" CMOS sensor supporting wide dynamic range and IRIDIX processing to clearly capture all images even under the strong light and dark contrast.

From a small meeting room to large boardroom and customized combined room, our HD camera is perfectly fit to any sized environments, delivering incredible video quality to all meeting participants.

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