Solution News

Solution News
Posted 2014-08-14
Digital Signage
Digital signage is now widely used in corporate communication, advertising, and information release of corporate, banking, hospitality, education, and retail, impressively delivering multimedia message to target audience. UAT carries various digital signage solutions for your desired broadcast schedule and even on the go.

Compatible with all industry-standard PC, our small plug-and-use digital signal player is seamlessly integrated with diversified displays and convenient to movable information broadcast processing. It allows program scheduling to a wide array of designated remote display terminals tailored to time, industries, regions and devices, as well as centralized management and monitoring.

Our digital signage solution combined with internet-based release platform enable real-time online multimedia release and renewal including text, image, animation, audio, video, live streaming, and RSS feeds while accepting interactive inquiries. Sized for eye-catching impact, the introduction of high definition, gargantuan display has brought digital signage into the world of superiority in realistically showing life-sized and brilliant images in large public spaces.

Inspired from traditional media, UAT digital signage takes advantage of the cloud technology for unified content communication through this easy-to-use, efficient, and complete solution. Let's experience digital signage and audio visual facilities in our Mock-up Demonstration Centre.

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