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Solution News
Posted 2014-06-12
Audio and Video Broadcast
Audio and video broadcast helps you announce and inform while connecting, centralizing, and distributing live internal communication with maximum reliability and speech intelligibility.

Video broadcast has evolved by zoning diversified display system. Facial expression is impactful during Chairman's speeches to staff throughout the office. In designing video broadcast, UAT considers various display systems including LCD, LED, video wall, and projection at reception, service counter, lift, workplace, breakout, and meeting room for the most ideal performance. You are able to select preferred broadcasting area with the central audio visual system. Once the speech has been finished, all signage will resume without extra handling.

Public address system enables sound amplification and distribution of internal communication, special announcement, and background music. UAT helps segmenting sound in different environments, ensuring the best sound quality of every input and output.

Today audio and video broadcast system is increasingly adopted in office buildings. In controlling complicated signal distribution, our professional team can fully handle a large number of audio/video channels and signal routing to achieve excellent broadcasting performance.

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