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Solution News
Posted 2013-02-07
Seamless Video Wall for Ultra Visual Experience and Business Enhancement
The advancement of HD technology brings us to the new century of high resolution, colorful, and bright images. In the business world, virtually seamless and multiple visuals offer corporate users real time and multipoint connections for achieving faster business decision and greater flexibility in a single environment.

Video wall, a custom-built video wall displays with multiple screens, is being tiled together contiguously to create dramatic visual performance.

Considering mullion – the gap between active display areas, UAT utilizes ultra-slim bezel LCDs that are built with long-term serviceability and full HD 1920x1080. The multi screens are seamless stacked together and equipped with exquisite inlays for video-and-wall integration. It gives rise to the ability to match color and brightness between adjacent screens which enables the overall video wall looks like one continuous image.

UAT's tailor-made programming and ease to use interface enables corporate users to view content at any size according to desired multi-screen configurations for diversified purposes.

For instance, a leading bank corporation has incorporated a 2x4 video wall together with video conference system in its combined boardrooms to monitor the real-time financial figures and enable communication between clustered workgroups. This helps them take immediate action to every tiny change in the stock market across multiple work zones.

In a rapid environment like one of the big four CPA firms, a 3x3 video wall has been installed in the recreation area for employees to gather and enjoy leisure activities such as watching HDTV and playing TV games at one time. The firm has benefited from improvements in work efficiency and work-life balance.

With UAT's video wall, it is not difficult to conjure up scenery of larger display surface, superior image quality and multiple-instant communication. Its importance has been recognized by corporations in the creation of an impactful presentation environment and acceleration of decision making process.

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