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Solution News
Posted 2010-11-01
Polycom SoundStructure SR12
Sound reinforcement plays an important role in video and voice conferences. Polycom SoundStructure SR12 delivers crystal clear, immersive sound for more productive conferences.

During conferences, background noises occur as multiple people talk simultaneously. Leveraging feedback elimination and noise cancellation technologies, SR12 employs a matrix mixer scaling from 12 up to 96 inputs and outputs between multi-zone audio systems for clear, optimum sound reinforcement. To ensure proper sound intelligibility, loudness, and stability, UAT's endeavors in echo cancellation, noise reduction and microphone mixing allow meeting participants to focus on the conversation without distraction.

Equipped with SoundStructure Studio software, SR12 simplifies configuration to handle the challenging sound designs. Additionally, OBAM matrix architecture enables multiple SoundStructure units to work together as one large system for unparalleled scalability and flexibility.

Deep, full integration with Polycom HDX products including HDX microphones and Ceiling Microphone Array deliver Polycom UltimateHD technology to match the clarity of HD Video. SR12 features a gain sharing automixer for consistent microphone pickup and flexible equalization, dynamics, and cross-over processing even across complex operating environments.

Polycom SoundStructure products provide comprehensive integration and sound coverage for rooms of all sizes, including boardrooms, auditoriums, and theaters. You can even use your Polycom conferencing solutions work together for improved performance, as well as faster design and installation.

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