Solution News

Solution News
Posted 2013-06-05
Optimizing Video Conferencing Solution with the Latest Firmware Software
Optimizing video conferencing solutions with the latest software technology enables you to take advantage of the newest features and enhancements. UAT helps to reduce the impacts to production environment and enable your solution to perform more effectively.

Polycom announces the latest HDX System software version Comprising features and functionality of version 3.1.0, version expands to H.264 High Profile bandwidth and brings advancements in remote control technologies - Polycom SmartPairing in Automatic Mode and Touch Control Remote Management.

The newest SmartPairing in automatic mode technology allows users to detect and pair an HDX system from the Polycom RealPresence Mobile application on an Apple iPad tablet. It enables users to use the application as a remote control for the HDX system and transfer a call from the RealPresence Mobile application to the HDX system.

Touch Control Remote Management embarks the remote control function of Touch Control through web interface. Simply entering an IP address, users can now perform different functions including downloading logs, updating the software, pairing or impairing the Touch Control with host systems.

UAT offers a range of services in monitoring network performance, supporting continued expansion and upgrading software which enable you to receive the latest features, identify risks, achieve optimal performance, and minimize downtime. At UAT, we strive to continually provide our customers with the best video conferencing solutions and quality services.

Software innovation is essential to an ongoing entire solution. Now, optimize your infrastructure solutions with the latest software version.

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