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Solution News
Posted 2013-04-10
Multipoint Video Conferencing for Multi-National Business
Multi-national global business demands a unified, flexible communication throughout operations in regions and countries. The importance of video conferencing has been found in the consistent, many-to-many, instant decision making process across the globe.

One of the top worldwide sportswear groups, having operations in different nations, faces the challenges of faster decision making, effective management, and reducing travel costs. Their head office management believes that face-to-face communication helps improve interactions, resolve issues, and hasten business. They look for a secure and efficient video collaboration amongst worldwide operations.

The group deploys Polycom HDX 7000 Video Conferencing which leverages on HD video and voice conferencing for larger meetings. The EagleEye Director couples voice triangulation, face finding technology, and a dual camera tracking system to personalize telepresence experience. The head office can centralize plans with operations while staff can collaborate with each other regardless of distance.

For smaller meetings for 8–12 participants, the group uses Polycom CX 5000 HD Video Conference Station which incorporates a 360-degree panoramic perspective with an active speaker view. It makes remote conversations easily and flexibility.

The group has found benefits of Polycom Video Conferencing through cohesive overseas meetings, reducing travel costs, and better staff work-life balance with fewer business trips. All these lead to a more efficient, cost-effective business growth.

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