Solution News

Solution News
Posted 2013-07-10
Large Display Solution
UAT specializes in offering a broad range of large display solutions with excellence in attractiveness, image quality, design, integration, and energy efficiency.

Large-format and delicate audio visual equipment requires extra attention in logistics. In transiting the Sharp LB-1085, the world largest professional LCD panel with vast dimension in 2,572 x 204 x 1,550mm and weight in 195kg, specialized manpower, transportation, and effort are essential in preventing from the fracture of the delicate, continuous widescreen. UAT is experienced in handling large audio visual equipment with attentiveness professionally and quickly.

Across every inch of the screen space, Sharp LB-1085 features on the high quality, impressive visual impact. Exquisite equipment installation and system integration are necessary to enable the best performance. UAT Installers have extensive experience in working on AV projects from installing audiovisual to cable pulling and termination, rack assembly and wiring, component mounting, and site clean-up and disposal. Our in-house Creative Team is dedicated to seamlessly integrating central control systems with display panels, video conferencing systems, visualizers, players, and lightings. Managing audio visual equipment is centralized into one slight touch.

Integrate your environment with large display panels to experience the highest level of message impact and deluxe room design. UAT large display solutions in a variety of technologies including LCD, touch screen LCD, LED, video wall, and rear projection are available for your choice.

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