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Solution News
Posted 2013-05-13
Fine Sound Tuning for Your Business Meeting Rooms
Having the fine sound and the optimum acoustic control is getting more awareness than ever. Good audio quality plays an important role in distance conferencing, multimedia collaboration, and acoustic protection.

To perform acoustic tuning, proper handling of audio system intelligibility, loudness, and stability according to physical room attributes are found essential. Before commissioning, measures in echo cancellation, noise reduction, and microphone mixing allow meeting participants to focus on the conversation without distraction.

Advanced sound system equipped with password protection can help preventing unauthorized users from accessing, controlling, or making changes to the system. Another aspect of acoustic control is through careful room design in preventing sound leakage or eavesdropping.

Professional acoustic control gives rise to improved productivity, confidentiality, and security. It allows corporates to deliver ideal audio quality and security to a variety of room environments.

It's glad to know that the fine acoustic tuning and control are here for your business meeting rooms. Experience a higher level of sound quality and security.

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