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Solution News
Posted 2013-06-07
Dual Camera Tracking for more Interactive and Personalized Video Conferences
Video conferencing is meant to connect people intimately. Performed video conferencing systems let users experience incredible video collaboration. Some users reflect that with a single camera, they can see all participants in the room, but not able to see facial expressions of the person talking. Dual camera tracking which captures both still and video images helps resolve this issue.

With fully automated camera pan, tilt, and zoom motions, the primary camera captures the front-still view of the whole room while the secondary camera with 270-degree panning radius allows close-up views of facial expressions and body language of every speaker, regardless of their location or the number of people in the room. It is ideal for environments with challenging room layouts and walking speakers.

Leveraging simultaneous voice triangulation, face finding, and dual-camera configuration, once the voice has been detected by microphone arrays, the secondary camera executes facial detection and automatically zooms-in and positions the speaker in the viewing window. This process eliminates disruptive remote control errors and helps ensure that far-end participants always enjoy a high-impact, immersive experience.

Dual camera tracking solution enables direct, intimate communication, and more productive meetings. Meeting participants no longer need to worry about staying in the camera view or interrupting the flow of conversation to handle the remote control.

Let's focus your time on business. Heighten video meetings with the dual camera tracking solution!

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