Solution News

Solution News
Posted 2013-08-08
Custom Audio Visual Furniture
Audio visual furniture is always an essence in project solution. UAT provides custom audio visual furniture in a practical and aesthetic way where you find good-fit to the audio visual facilities and interior room design.

Accompanying the exquisite design, installation, and integration of audio visual equipment, UAT supplies custom audio visual furniture for a complete line of project deployment. From mobile AV carts and equipment racks to podiums and operation desks, custom-made furniture will be tailored to shapes, sizes, colors, material, and finishing according to customer requirements and room-equipment characteristics.

Incorporating a cohesive, customized audio visual technology and decoration, bespoke dimensions for particular room shapes and accurate equipment specifications are attentively determined for space and equipment utilization to excel to the full extent. Audio visual equipment aesthetically integrated into the space in enriching corporate image and customer experience is remarkably recognized.

Visualize your inspirations with the 3D rendering. UAT in-house Creative team uses 3D Studio Max for rendering conceptual animations in 3D and let you visualize the true-to-life what-if end result room decoration and facility. UAT's vast experience in working with developers, electrical contractors, architects, and interior designers is unique.

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