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Solution News
Posted 2013-09-03
Conference Room Lighting Automation
Fine lighting is essential for productive meetings. UAT customizes conference room lighting in zoning, dimming, and controlling together with the comprehensive audio visual and video conferencing facilities centrally where you find comfort, flexibility, and functionally.

Conference room lighting needs to be flexible to accommodate activities ranging from audio visual presentations and video conferences to brainstorming sessions. To this end, UAT deploys light zoning in segmenting work-zones according to criteria in speaker position, audio visual and video conferencing equipment, seating arrangement, and physical room environment. Light zoning ensures that lighting is activated when and where it is required in an effective way.

Adjustable light dimming supports energy conservation practically. LED lighting, one of the latest lighting innovations provides ideal illumination, dimmable light, long lasting lamp and decreases carbon emission. Complying with ISO9000 and 14001, UAT is dedicated to providing quality and sustainable lighting products with certified environmental and safety standards including MEPS, RoHS, and WEEE in maximizing customer benefits and satisfaction.

A conference room with diverse functions requires lighting to quickly adapt to each activity. Collectively, lighting, audio visual, and video conferencing facilities are controlled though the central control system, a simple and easy-to-use touch panel which aligns with the graphical room floor and facility interface without having to locate various facilities individually. Besides flexible light zoning and dimming, customers can pursue lighting effects in pre-set video conferencing or presentation mode effortlessly.

By implementing lighting control approaches including light zoning, dimming, and controlling, corporates can optimize energy use and maximize meeting productivity. In addition, comfortable lighting helps supporting the health of employees' eyes and body temperature for a healthier workplace.

Conference room lighting automation has played an important role in today's meeting environment. UAT is well-placed to deliver the seamless lighting solution aligning with multiple conferencing facilities. A fully integrated, modern meeting solution is here for your choice.

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