Solution News

Solution News
Posted 2012-08-13
Sharp 80-inch Touchscreen LCD Gives Superb Visual Performance
Sharp 80-inch touchscreen LCD PN-L802B, with multitude widescreen applications, is unveiled to further facilitate users for corporate video conferencing in boardrooms, presentation and discussion in conferences, lecture in college halls, or digital signage and streaming in showrooms and exhibition centres.

It is an intuitively touchscreen solution that comes with free to write onscreen, whiteboard mode, overlay mode, and dual-touch Interface functions. Presenter can easily enlarge an image, write with a pen or finger, move an image, revert to original size, and scroll a page on the screen. With the amazing connectivity feature, now you can import scanned data from printer, copy data from network, write directly on the image, save onscreen data to connected PC or tablet and print data directly.

The full high definition 1920 x 1080p resolution delivers HD-Crystal-Clear images on its big-screen. To enhance the touchscreen response, PN-L802B employs an Optical Imaging system that better suits for large screen. The method uses optical cameras in the upper right and left corners of the screen to detect shadows made in the screen by user's finger or the touch pen.

This new 80-inch touchscreen LCD widens the line-up of our interactive board that changes the way we work. Organizations can communicate in a visual and truly collaborative way, creating a dynamic and interactive workplace experience for users.

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