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Solution News
Posted 2012-09-10
Remote Medical Consultation Through Video Conferencing
Hong Kong Census and Statistics Department expected the aging population will produce great pressure on local healthcare system. bbTV New reported more and more healthcare service providers have leveraged on HD video conferencing technology to provide remote face-to-face medical consultation to reduce such pressure.

In foreign countries such as the United States, healthcare organisations are turning, using AV systems and video collaboration solutions to transform how they learn, teach, and deliver care. Such trend has emerged in Hong Kong. More and more healthcare service providers such as Shatin Hospital also has leveraged on HD video conferencing technology to provide remote face-to-face medical consultation to residential homes for the elderly. It helps them to save operation costs and reduce number of in-patient.

UAT Solutions

UAT has provided audio visual and video conferencing solutions for Shatin Hospital, Prince of Wales Hospital, Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Hospital Authority, Union Hospital, and Hong Kong Eye Hospital, etc for years in which we have worked with Department of Health for more than 10 years.

Today, the healthcare sector is leveraging HD video conferencing systems and mobile devices to deliver:

Telemedicine. UAT collaborative voice and video solutions help close distance barriers by connecting patients, practitioners, specialists, and healthcare administrators. The solutions allow worldwide doctors, specialists and medical experts sharing medical know-how and discussing healthcare options to save lives. Also, it allows patients to have around-the-clock access to specialist care from wherever they are.

Medical education/ distance learning. Patients and practitioners need the most recent medical information to support management of chronic disease, best practices, maintain medical licensure. With UAT video and audio conferencing technology, training sessions can become more frequent or view-on-demand according to doctors' tight schedule. In the photo above, Union Hospital used video conferencing system to launch a live heart operation seminar.

Healthcare administration/ health emergency management. With UAT solution, patients, medical professionals, and/or emergency responders can safely maintain vital face-to-face communications in crisis situations and high-risk environments.

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