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Solution News
Posted 2012-12-24
Recording and Streaming for Medical Education at Hospitals
Recording and streaming is getting more and more common in the tertiary education, especially in the medicine faculty. Effective medical education is crucial to train up practitioners to ease the tight supply of healthcare professionals.

Experience and knowledge of the veteran professors can be best transferred through recording and streaming. Nothing is more useful than practical experience which can be best shared real time through recording and streaming while the trainee practitioners can access the valuable operations and lectures anytime on demand including vivid video.

UAT Recording and Streaming application has been applied widely in the universities. The application consists of high definition camera up to 1080p which is capable of recording multi-signals and captures signals from medical camera, endoscope, monitor, PC with x-ray picture and other medical equipment in the operating room. The operation or lecture can be streamed to multiple training rooms in real-time. It lets junior practitioners have access to the whole process of live operation or event. The video on demand feature allows users to playback almost anywhere and anytime.

The recording and streaming solution helps accelerate the experience sharing process and improve the professional standard.

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