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Solution News
Posted 2012-07-13
Recording and Streaming Applications Multiply Return of Information Assets
CEO presentation, employee training, and video conferencing in corporations or schools require recording and streaming solution to broaden their impact and maximize the knowledge sharing. Hence it increases the return on investment of human resources and communication facility.

Video Conferencing Recording in Corporation: The Corporate Recording and Live Streaming Application is integrated with video conferencing system. Important message of CEO presentation, critical information of meetings or material of training sessions or webinars can be recorded and live stream to related parties regardless of locations. Enterprises benefit from this solution with improved communication and higher employee performance.

Lecture Recording and Broadcasting in Universities: The Professional Recording and Live Streaming Application is able to record up to 6 video or VGA synchronously in lecture hall or auditoriums. It is able to broadcast the lecture to maximum 8 classrooms without delay. You can see the professor, audience and presentation material on one screen. The high definition camera gives up to 1080P60 with full 30fps video. The trainer or administrator can preset lecturing agenda items to schedule more than 1000 long hours recording and streaming.

Recording and Streaming in Primary and Secondary Schools: The Standard-based Recording and Live Streaming Application is an affordable solution. It records up to any 4 HD, SD and VGA signals synchronously in one screen and supports live streaming for up to 50 clients and video on demand for up to 50 concurrent users. It is a Silver Light Web based player and compatible with Windows/Mac OS on Beyonsys (Silverlight) platform.

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