Solution News

Solution News
Posted 2012-08-21
Polycom Visual Communication Strengthens Government Department Communications
Government departments face the complexities involved in having offices in different locations, which limit the quality communication and information sharing with each other. To maintain an efficient and productive government, Polycom visual communication solution improves connection to people and resources on-demand regardless of the network or endpoint equipment that government is currently using.

UAT provides Polycom visual communication solution which is equipped with Polycom HDX endpoint video conferencing units and Converged Management Application on desktop PC's, combined with a Polycom RMX 2000 Bridge for multisite conferencing and the Polycom VBP to enable private-to-public gateway. This platform creates a powerful visual communication environment and enables instant access to people and content sharing. This solution is especially fits public sectors that need frequent collaboration with both external and internal parties.

UAT is an experienced audiovisual integrator and is a recognized supplier of AV installation to the HKSAR. Our recent successful cases include Urban Renewal Authority, Hospital Authority, Hong Kong Police Force, and Department of Health.

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