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Solution News
Posted 2012-09-17
Mitsubishi UD8350U Projector
Mitsubishi UD8350U projector is one of the latest multimedia projection systems in the comprehensive Mitsubishi high resolution projector lineup. It is equipped with Digital Light Processing technology that reproduces high-definition images in high contrast and superior brightness. UD8350U comes with dual lamps which allow continuous projection of images for long periods of time together with high reliability. Its 6500lm high brightness and super resolution project sharp, vivid images on large screens in boardrooms and conference halls.

The Edge Blending creates seamless image by adjusting the brightness at adjoining edges when you use multiple projectors side-by-side to reproduce single widescreen image. This feature can also be utilized for top-bottom projection or a combination of side-by-side and top-bottom images. Its Color Matching function eliminates color variations due to slight differences in projector image processing when you use multiple projectors. Each projector is adjusted so that the same colors are displayed. The advanced Geometric Corrections features such as Keystone Correction, Cornerstone Correction, and Curved-surface Projection Correction can be applied in various presentation environments.

This Mitsubishi UD8350 projection system is especially ideal for boardrooms, conference halls, auditoriums, and theaters.

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