Press Release

Press Release
Posted 2018-07-23
UAT Active Student Scholarship Award 2018 Result Announcement
(23 July 2018, Hong Kong) UAT Active Student Scholarship Award 2018 encourage students with speical needs to actively involved in extracurricular activities. 76 Students from 7 Schools were awarded the scholarship.

Different kind of extracurricular activities broaden my horizons and made me constantly improving.
Chi Man Sum, awardee

"Campus TV Station" has given me opportunities to talk to teachers, classmates and staff of the school, and I like very much!
Chan Ka Nam, awardee

Boccia is a sport that full of fun. I am deeply in love with this sport.
Chan Chun Lung, awardee

The awardees are listed as below:

SAHK B.M. Kotewall Memorial School 香港耀能協會羅怡基紀念學校

  • 李子怡
  • 陸證恩
  • 謝賀棋

Ko Fook Iu Memorial School 高福耀紀念學校

  • 硬地滾球組
    范梓晴 陳康楠 梁子悠 陳藝中
    梁樂熙 劉貝妍 何忠銘 張凱喬
    李明鑫 楊綽然 葉俊皓 馬偉程
    蘇梓軒 黃偉杰
  • 乒乓球組
    毛稼傑 林卓彥 鄧俊榮 鄭 中
    莫皓翔 李曉樺 焦瑾珊
  • 高福耀樂隊
    梁子悠 劉貝妍 毛稼傑 何忠銘
    李尚豪 鄭 中 張凱喬

Hong Kong Christian Service Pui Oi School 香港基督教服務處培愛學校

  • Chan Chun Lung 
  • Chi Man Sum 
  • Chan Ka Nam

Hong Kong Red Cross Margaret Trench School 香港紅十字會瑪嘉烈戴麟趾學校

  • 陳海深
  • 陳君鍵
  • Iqbal Zeeshan

Hong Kong Red Cross John F. Kennedy Centre 香港紅十字會甘迺迪中心

  • Suen Yiu Kai
  • Mok Ho Kwan
  • Wong Yin Wai

Sahk Jockey Club Elaine Field School 香港耀能協會賽馬會田綺玲學校

  • 江姍
  • 羅偉俊
  • 謝智敏
  • 陳志恒
  • 黃衍智
  • 林凱涵
  • 戴鋮希
  • 陳浩文
  • 林玄楓
  • 周可賢

Hong Kong Red Cross Princess Alexandra School 香港紅十字會雅麗珊郡主學校

  • 袁泳琪
  • 林育姍
  • 陳國威
  • 馮曉蔥
  • 劉可添
  • 王倩怡
  • 王子豐
  • 郭紀旻
  • 曾文正
  • 郭志軒
  • 徐家杰
  • 甄杰豪
  • 陳可欣
  • 張藝柔
  • 楊慧娟
  • 林穎康
  • 廖朗晴

Awards presentation ceremony was held at 7 schools respectively. Mr. Tony Cheung, General Manager of Ultra Active Technology Limited, attended the ceremonies, accompanied by Ms. Fanny Fan, Chief Executive of UAT Association and Ms. Angela Shing, Chief Operating Officer of UAT Association.

At UAT, we believe in cultivating the future. UAT Active Student Scholarship Award increases hope and establishes self-reliance by giving support to those special students.

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