Press Release

Press Release
Posted 2016-10-05
UAT in the Crime Prevention Seminar
(5 October 2016, Hong Kong) Since the introduction of D-Fence Intrusion Detection Security system to Hong Kong in 2015, UAT, the authorized distributor of D-Fence Security Systems Limited (D-Fence), has been dedicated to the protection of personal, property, and asset safety.

Recently, UAT and UCS Hong Kong Limited (UCS), authorized security consultant, interacted with the Hong Kong Police Force in the Crime Prevention Seminar, sharing updated security knowledge and insights.

The seminar was organized at the Police Headquarter on Thursday, 22 September 2016. We introduced D-Fence Intrusion Protection System comprising of D-Pressure Strip, D-Taut Wire, D-Corative, and D-Glass, which have been widely deployed for the protection of villas, houses, buildings as well as critical infrastructures around the globe – with noticeable references including the Israel and South Korea International Airports.

During the seminar, Mr. Den Wong, Senior Security Solution Specialist of UCS, highlighted a recent case study. 'Earlier, a house owner has appointed us to deploy our intrusion protection system to substitute the current motion and infrared detection system.' He continued, 'The traditional one brings him the inconvenience of false alarm occurring from the interference of animal and he turns off the system even without protection.' This phenomenon is common to see in houses and villas.

The pressure sensing technology contributes to the zero-false alarm and resists to the interference form weather, animals, plants, RF transmission, and environmental factors. This system can blend into any architectural design and environment (wall, fence, floor, stair or glass) seamlessly, and can be completely invisible.

Many house owners, interior designers, property developers, and security consultants have appointed us to integrate the intrusion protection system with CCTV, security control room, smart phone, and operational plan.

The solution is suitable to a wide range of properties like residential premises, and government and commercial facilities. We are dedicated to combining advanced security technology with professional security specialists possessing vast security experience in technical services, commercial crime, technology crime, criminal investigation, and intelligence and surveillance. The background and experience are unmatched in Hong Kong.

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