Press Release

Press Release

Posted 2015-03-26

The Founding of Caring SME Alliance and UAT
(26 March 2015, Hong Kong) To encourage more SMEs to carry out Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), the Hong Kong Council of Social Service has aligned 7 SMEs to be the founding members of the Caring SME Alliance with an aim at sharing experience and promoting participation in CSR and UAT is one of the founding members.

The Caring SME Alliance is a new initiative to draw the expertise of a small think tank from SMEs of the Caring Company Scheme, to promote further the spirit of CSR, community investment, and sustainability to other SMEs who have not started CSR. The four objectives include SMEs education, sharing of good practices, promoting CSR to both SMEs and public, and research and advocacy.

The announcement ceremony was conducted during the Caring Company Scheme Award Presentation 14/15 cum Luncheon at Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre on Wednesday, 25 March 2015. Officiating at the ceremony was Mr. Tsang Chun-Wah, GBM, JP, and Financial Secretary of the HKSAR and Mr. Bernard Charnwut Chan, GBS, JP and Chairperson of The Hong Kong Council of Social Service.

Following the ceremony was the Caring Company Expo 2015. In 2014/15, there are 2,960 Caring Companies and Organizations being awarded, indicating that more and more companies and organizations are willing to perform corporate social responsibility. UAT is one of those 5 Years plus Caring Company in caring employees, environment, and community. In the Expo, we got more understanding of various NGO partners working unselfishly for our community.

In 2015, UAT is executing 2 main themes, namely, UAT Youth Cultivation Program and UAT Rehabilitation Program. We hope to build a more sustainable development atmosphere of the society.

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