Press Release

Press Release
Posted 2014-10-03
HKU Campus Tour with the Children
(3 October 2014, Hong Kong) To nurture our next generation, UAT joins hand with Evangel Children's Home in organizing the HKU Campus Tour, enabling children to explore their horizons in history, culture, and multimedia education facilities.

Evangel Children's Home (ECH) is a subsidiary of the Evangelical Free Church of China. It was founded by Ms. Ruth Sundquist in 1956. The services of the ECH include providing food, shelter, counseling, and spiritual guidance to children and youth.

In the last year, UAT has built a close relationship with ECH in providing various table tennis training and fun day to their children, enhancing their physical development while cultivating team spirit and self-discipline.

On Saturday, 13 September 2014, ECH and UAT organized the HKU Campus Tour in bringing 20 children to visit 'Heritage Trails' along the themes of HKU architecture, archival records and artefacts, historic stories, students' cultures, and literary footsteps. We shared the stories of Fung Ping Shan Building, Hung Hing Ying Building, Main Campus, Sun Yat Sen Statue, and Meng Wah Complex.

In 2012, the Faculty of Law has appointed UAT to design and deploy multimedia education facilities at the Cheng Yu Tung Tower of Centennial Campus. During the tour, UAT employees provided live demonstration and let ECH children to experience a wide range of audio visual and video conferencing facilities.

UAT cultivates a long term vision in community development. We regard students as pillars of the economy and students should be trained to get familiar with the real world latest technology at the educational stage, the sooner the better.

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