Press Release

Press Release
Posted 2014-07-18
Employee Occupational Health and Safety Awareness
(18 July 2014, Hong Kong) In strengthening occupational health and safety awareness, UAT has invited representatives of North Point Fire Station to deliver a Fire Talk to employees, enhancing the knowledge and conscious regarding fire safety.

To protect life and property of Hong Kong citizens from fire and other calamities, the Hong Kong Fire Services Department is committed to providing highly efficient and professional rescue and emergency services to save lives, striving for continuous advancement of fire-fighting, rescue, ambulance, and fire protection services.

During the Talk, Mr. Liu, Mr. Ma, and Mr. Shing, Duty Officers of North Point Fire Station introduced practical fire protection measures as follows:

  • Concept of putting out a fire
  • Types of fire extinguisher
  • Fire-fighting equipment in ordinary buildings
  • General cause of fire outbreaks
  • Fire hazard in ordinary buildings
  • Tips to escape in case of a fire

'Fire is usually caused by the mishandling of hazardous materials and welding tools, and overheats of machines in lack of proper maintenance.' Mr. Liu said, 'We recommend you to bring mobile phone, wet towel, and key, the Three Escape Treasures during fire outbreaks.' The advice and services of the Fire Services Department have been recognized and supported by the general public, making Hong Kong a safe place to live and work.

UAT places the highest priority on the occupational health and safety of our employees. Since the certification of OHSAS18001, we uphold our OHS policy and infrastructure, develop comprehensive trainings, check working tools, and review injury cases, providing them a tidy and safe working environment.

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