Press Release

Press Release
Posted 2013-04-02
Wainhouse Research: The Real Benefits of Video Conferencing
(2 April 2013, Hong Kong) Wainhouse Research recently conducted a 'The Real Benefits of Video Conferencing' survey on the trend of video conferencing among global organizations. Their findings indicate that video conference is changing the way organizations to build their competitive advantage.

Wainhouse Research and Polycom have conducted a survey among 4,737 Wainhouse and Polycom users in America, Asia Pacific, Europe, Middle East, and Africa in December 2012 to investigate the benefits that organizations have derived through the use of video conferencing.

From the survey, one of the compelling findings is that the traditional usage of PC video conferencing in general conference rooms and offices remains the top device and environment, but the age of mobile has clearly arrived. With the growth of smartphone (77%), it is expected that users will spread their video usage across mobile and personal devices out of office.

The Unified Communication Solution of UAT is an advanced communication platform to integrate with mobile devices to arrange video or voice calls, send SMS, and share content anywhere anytime.

Results show that education, the top industry of using video conference (16%), has explored diversified usage such as distance learning, training, and recruiting. For instance, the Faculty of Law of HKU has adopted UAT audio visual and video conferencing solution to conduct interactive learning and overseas recruitment. The law students, through video conferencing, can participate in international legal competitions without traveling.

Over 90% respondents agree that ease-of-use room facilitates and multi-party communication can increase their video usage. It is surprising that business software integration accounts for a relatively high proportion (83%) in driving more use of video. Central control systems are designed to command, communicate and control electronic devices in boardrooms with only one device easily with tailor-made programs and customized interfaces.

The benefits of video conferencing of improving productivity, faster decision making, and increased business agility have been recognized by organizations to build their competitive advantages.

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