Press Release

Press Release
Posted 2013-03-05
UAT receives BQJ Super Brand Award 2012
(5 Mar 2013, Hong Kong) UAT receives the Super Brand Award of Business Quotient Journal in the year of 2012, a rewarding milestone where its growth in the audio visual industry is cultivated with customer recognition and corporate culture.

UAT has been engaged in the education sector since 2002 through technological updating seminar, student attachment program, and debate competition sponsorship. UAT has archived a fruitful result in 2012 in providing audio visual services to the education sector. The Chinese University of Hong Kong, University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, IVE, and Open University of Hong Kong have appointed UAT to deploy interactive training by using audio visual, video conferencing, and unified communication technologies.

UAT cultivates a long term vision in community development. UAT regards students as pillars of the economy and students should be trained to get familiar with the real world latest technology at the educational stage, the sooner the better.

With the philosophy of 'Providing with the Best', UAT insists on the core values of Neat, Tidy, and Simplicity. All in all, our organized management system allows for fast tracking and quick response and customer satisfaction.

UAT brings new inspirations to the audio visual industry. We use 3D Studio Max for rendering conceptual animations in 3D and let customers visualize the true-to-life what-if end result installations.

Social media is growing common and UAT has also joined the social networking media such as Facebook, YouTube, and Blogger on top of traditional media, thus sharing our experience to more students.

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